History of Cushing's Battery


4th U.S. Light Artillery Battery A, better known as Cushings Battery was a regular army unit that existed before the Civil War.  In the months preceding our nation's bloodiest conflict, 4th U.S. Battery A, was stationed in the Indian Territory.  Following the bombing of Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, Battery A was called back to Washington, D.C. from the West.  Its illustrious commander Alonzo Herford Cushing was just graduating from West Point in June of 1861 and was assigned to the Battery.  Battery A was quickly called to fight in the first major engagement of the Civil War, First Bull Run.  The Battery went on from there to fight in the Peninsula Campaign, Second Bull Run, Battle of Antietam, Battle of Fredericksburg, Battle of Chancellorsville, and one of it's most shining yet saddest moments, the Battle of Gettysburg, where they lost one of its bravest men and is namesake Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Alonzo H. Cushing.  Where on the 3rd day of the battle in defense of his Battery and guns, he gave his life for honor and his country "Fateful until Death."  Cushings Battery then went on to fight the rest of the war with the Army's Second Corps.  The 4th U.S. Light Artillery is still in existence today and stationed at Fort Sill, OK.